Project Management: Substance over Style – how to get stuff done

Project Management: Substance over Style – how to get stuff done - the essential how-to guide by Kieran McLaughlin

Kieran McLaughlin has been involved in project management for many years and successfully completed a broad range of IT and Business Change projects across a variety of organisations and sectors. Along with the successes, the author openly admits to failures and still strives to deliver the perfect project. Learning from both successes and failures, this book provides a refreshingly open and honest insight into the real-life world of managing projects and how “to get stuff done”. Kieran explains: ‘Projects can be difficult to deliver and I wanted to share some of the tips and techniques I have learned and used over the years. Writing the book has given me the opportunity to do this. It’s simple, honest advice to help maximise delivery.

‘I intended this book to be refreshingly open and honest in acknowledging success and failure. If you don’t fail at some point, you can’t learn and improve for the next time.

‘Project management is all about delivery - if you can’t deliver the project, you can’t deliver the benefits.’

His book provides a real life, no nonsense and practical approach for successful delivery. It walks you through the project management process from getting started to closedown in a simple and easy to understand way.

Witty, self-deprecating and serious, this book will benefit aspiring project managers by providing real and practical advice whilst benefiting experienced project managers by reminding them of good (and perhaps new) habits. It will also greatly benefit sponsors and stakeholders to remind them of the importance of their roles and the integral part they have in the delivery of projects.

Kieran outline all the project stages from the sometimes daunting first steps of getting started through to completion. It covers the Business Case, PID, RAID Log, Budget, Plans, Action Log, Status Reports, Requirements Gathering, Testing, Go-Live Planning, Operational Handover, Lessons Learned and Closedown. Project Management: Substance over Style – how to get stuff done provides invaluable advice and tips to help with the routine day-to-day management of the “project staples” to make your projects successful, including how to manage stressful situations and chapters on the importance of Teamwork, Programme Management Office, and Project Healthchecks. Whilst self-deprecating and funny, it is a deadly serious book about project management, how to “get stuff done” and how to survive. It should become your “go-to” reference manual.

If you are serious about delivery, getting stuff done and making a real difference - read this book. If you are not serious about delivery and just want to talk about it, read something else.

Project Management: Substance over Style – how to get stuff done is available on Amazon now.

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