Patricia Elliot Discusses Her Debut Novel ‘Free As A Bird’

Patricia Elliot has recently released her very first novel through Diadem Books.

Patricia is a dog lover and loves to write poetry as a hobby. She has worked in both education and politics and was happily married to a Church of England vicar for many years.

She has been intrigued by the idea of personal freedom for a long time and felt a desire to explore it further within her debut novel, expressed in the lives of a family and their friends. The novel explores the story and lives of two sisters who have both reached a very different crossroads in their lives. Both sisters believe the other has more freedom than they do, but what actually is freedom? And who really has it?

Patricia discusses what the phrase ‘free as a bird’ means to her here:

'The phrase, free as a bird, cropped up quite naturally somehow or another and it resonated with me.  I felt a kind of challenge.  I was then widowed, retired, and living a fairly active and interesting life, with the great company of my dog, but it hit me that I was free to do as I pleased and go where I pleased;  in effect live my life how I pleased, within the bounds of finance, safety and sheer nerve. Gradually I began to think of friends and family members who had done exactly that, which raised questions in my mind about the nature of freedom. Out of habit I began to note my thoughts down and it stirred a desire to explore them in a novel. I write in both an A4 notebook and on my laptop depending on how quickly my mind is working. I use the laptop for speed. I didn’t set out to achieve anything other than to enjoy an interesting and absorbing project. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I love a project - writing my novel combined the two. It was almost an adventure and I looked forward to having the time to settle down to it.  I think it was good for me and it certainly broadened my knowledge of the human psyche. I’m looking forward to my next project which is another book - this time about stepping outside our comfort zone.  And of course my poetry writing is ongoing.'

‘Free As A Bird’ is available as an ebook or paperback from Amazon now, and also from the publishers website

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