Guide to Self-Publishing

This blog is a simple guide to self-publishing a book. Based in the North East of England Diadem Books has 25 years of experience in supporting writers to self-publish their work. Whether it’s a children’s book with illustrations, poetry, health, or any other genre this short guide is designed to help you make an informed first step.

Can I publish a book?

The simple answer is yes. Self-publishing is an alternative route to traditional publication. The advent of print-on-demand and eBooks has allowed writers to directly reach their audience. For traditional publishers the price of printing and storing huge quantities of books is a cost-risk unless they feel confident of a good return, not to mention the agent-fees and cuts of your royalties.

Print-on-demand means that your book is digitally stored and printed against the demand for sales, whilst eBooks are a simple download away. There are many options now for writers who wish to self-publish. Contact Diadem Books to learn more.

Are self-published books any good?

There are several very affordable routes to self-publication, where your manuscript is typeset and printed or made available online. As with any book the quality of the writing, the cover-sell and the marketing are what will secure it’s success. Without professional editing, cover design and promotion your book may not reach your audience or be as well received as it should be. This is where the edit, publish and promote service of Diadem Books helps to ensure that your book is of a professional quality and given publicity. Check out our library to view some of the titles we have published.

How much does it cost to self-publish?

As mentioned above, there are several routes to publication. Whilst a number of these (especially eBook only options) come in at £300 or less, there are fewer guarantees that your book will be as successful without professional editing and marketing. It is important that you consider why you want to publish your work (see more below), and whether you can recoup your outgoing with the expected book sales.

How much money can I make from self-publishing?

Many well-known authors such as Andy Wier, E.L. James and G.P. Taylor have secured multi-million pound deals with traditional publishers as a result of self-publishing.

Of course, there are numerous reasons why you might want to self-publish. You may wish to make it into a financially viable career, share your creation with others or to create a piece of work for posterity. Whatever the reason, our non-exclusive agreement allows you to pursue arrangements with traditional publishers.

One major benefit of self-publishing is that you can set your own retail price and expect royalties of 20%, far higher than the industry standard.

What next?

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