Edit - Publish - Promote

Preparing your work to be published and experienced by others is always exciting, whether it be your first novel or your fiftieth. We work closely with our authors to support them every step of the way. Whilst we have attempted to anticipate any questions that you may have about our services please feel free to contact us at any stage of the process for further support, clarification and guidance - whether that be right now as you consider us as your potential editor and publisher, or months after publication for support with marketing and promotion.

STEP 1: 

Contact us to express your interest in using Diadem Books as your editor and publisher, or to find out more. Feel free to email, phone or live message us.


Once both parties are happy to move forwards we will send you out an Additional Information Form (AIF). This will require you to tell us a little more about the book and yourself, including a synopsis of the book (which we use for the ‘blurb’ on the back cover) some information about you as the author, the related genres and ideas for the front cover design. The AIF will also ask you to state which package you wish to pursue. This may be the Basic, Mercury or Platinum publishing packages. As referred to in the costing page you may combine elements of each package to create you own bespoke offer. There are no hidden charges with Diadem Books.


Once we have received your AIF we will request a copy of the manuscript in Microsoft Word format (please let us know if it will be in an alternative format) and confirm the package price. The fee is paid in two equal instalments. Once the first payment is received we will begin the editing and publishing process.


You will receive a PDF copy of the typeset book (including cover) exactly as it will appear in the online and paper/hardback copy. You will also receive a Final Proof Form on which you may request up to 20 author amendments to the book, and 10 amendments to the cover. If you have requested one of our critique services you will also receive the critique report allowing you to make more detailed changes. 


The second and final payment is due upon agreement of the final draft and cover design. Payment is usually made via PayPal or Bank Transfer. If you do not have access to these payment methods please let us know and we will consider alternatives. At this stage you will also set your retail price and royalties.


You will receive two free copies of your book in the post. The online versions (downloadable at retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble) will be available shortly afterwards. We will also email you your author discount login for purchasing further copies as well as login details for our writers community. 


We will seek to promote and market your book. Your book will be added to our website library with links to Amazon. We will also promote the book online using our social media accounts as well as seeking press releases with local and regional media. 

The usual turnaround from receipt of the manuscript to hardcopy and downloadable final versions is 90 days or less.

Please contact us to begin the process or make further enquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ian Turner,

Chief Editor – Diadem Books