Edit - Publish - Promote

From £1310

Our ‘Mercury Package’ will provide you with the following:

  • Proofing – one of our editors will carefully check the spelling, grammar and punctuation of your manuscript and make any necessary amendments. This is commonly known as copy editing and focuses on the surface of your text as opposed to the content.

  • Editing (light) – this goes beyond the correctional proofing service and polishes syntax and structure in the manner of traditional publishers.

  • Critique 20 – most online eBook sellers allow customers to download a free sample of a book before they commit to paying. The Critique 20 service offers a full editorial creative critique report covering the first 20 pages offering professional feedback on how to improve the opening of your book to ensure the reader will want to pay for the full download.

  • Cover design – Your book will have a custom designed, full-colour cover designed by professionals.

  • Formatting and typesetting  - your book will be formatted in Times New Roman 11, with page numbers centred at the bottom of each page. Chapter page breaks will be inserted and all paragraphs indented (except for the first paragraph in each chapter). 

  • Publication – your book can be available in paperback and hardcover, as well as online as an eBook. Your trade copy will have its own unique ISBN and appear in many online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and The Book Depository. You will receive two free copies and can thereafter purchase further copies using the authors discount login, which we will provide.

  • Promotion – your work will be promoted on the Diadem Books website and through our social media profiles. We will also seek to secure press releases with local and regional media outlets.

  • Writers community – you will receive membership to our writers community where you can reach out to like-minded creatives and authors to share ideas, receive feedback and research your next project.

  • Non-exclusive contract – this allows you to pursue arrangements with traditional publishers while enjoying generous royalties of up to 20% - higher than the industry standard.

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