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Michael Mitchell

ALLOW A LOVE OF LEARNING LANGUAGES to ENRICH A LONG LIFE. Communicate, Change and Choose Words Wisely: For the advanced student: in this book are wise words you are certain to use. Make a genuine investment with serious intent. For both the educated English speaker and the overseas student, feel free to express your words. Read, copy and write daily. Students in higher education must improve their essays and research papers. Plain and simple writing is sufficient. Confidently create and present a flowing sequence of thoughts. For IELTS, use varied vocabulary and sentences; construct decent written work. Keep it simple sister: Learn how to please the reader. Learn to love it. START. Observe; copy, imitate; immerse; show how strong your wise independence is. Grow and create your own luck. Write it right. There are hundreds of quotations to admire, amuse and inspire the thinker. ÒThe beautiful thing about the love of learning is: no one can take it away.


Michael Mitchell

Read this book slowly and many times. Feel encouraged and inspired. Improve and gain confidence. Find guidance for tests such as I.E.L.T.S. Language students create enriching opportunities; one advantage leads to another. Concentrate and appreciate the rhythm and flow of simple words, sentences and paragraphs. The aim of 'Book 7: Speaking' is to encourage you to speak clearly; the emphasis being: to plan your talk. Make progress day by day and step by step. The tips and points are repeated so as to adopt a versatile or automatic formula for the way you present your discussion. The words 'confidence' and 'plan' appear frequently. On the way, sing songs; make conversation; state your point of view; give your opinion. Be proud to stand up; be brave, show courage and confidence. Love to make progress and to pass tests. The secret keys to freedom of expression are to: First, Turn up, Second, Stand Up, Third, Speak up.

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Michael Mitchell

The first request made by students is 'Dear Teacher, how can I learn English quickly? Please write a story using English in context.' Thus, Book 6 in the series has evolved. The story tells of two university students who want to travel in order to extend their studies. One student is British and passes on tips to his close friend from Spain. She wants to pass English entrance tests, such as Ielts. The warmth of their adult romance blossoms and they arrange to meet in Crete every July. Naturally, through their intimate conversations and explorations these lovers exchange notes using: * Every verb tense, past, present and future, the passive and the conditional. * An extremely wide range of vocabulary and phrasal verbs and modal verbs. * Experience of cultures, beauty and the right thing to do using modal verbs. * Specific tips for Ielts students who wish to study abroad. * Keep It Simple Senorita.


Michael Mitchell

Learn of love through the virtues. This book concentrates on the vital VOCABULARY of the virtues because in every essay or whenever we speak they are mentioned. The philosophy of The Golden Mean appears in our life daily. Through living a balanced life and by adopting these character traits we flourish; and so does our English. Especially for IELTS and TOEFL, you will learn to develop what you want to express. Moral questions, opinions and suggestions for the right way ahead are easier to answer and propose. Extend your ideas by studying the valuable virtues.

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Michael Mitchell

Using the 'Rule Of Threes' there are three benefits from studying Poetry. First, a lot is said within a concise group of words. Second, we enjoy both the practical and emotional value of the combination of the words. Third, we have the therapeutic aspect. Millions of people around the world write or recite poems and prayers as a daily meditation. Our focus on poetry lets us CONCENTRATE on the message, meditate and only think of today. We have the daily reminder to remain calm and to give ourselves renewed direction. Our thoughts are often strong enough for us to want to write. Our words force themselves out and we feel relieved to express them in poetic form. We learn by copying the style of other poets and make use of the simple suggestions to use our own style. Go on! Give it a try.


Michael Mitchell

100 DAYS from NOW your English will be far better: Better grammar and vocabulary: we write and speak clearly. 1.To State your idea: PLAN then WRITE then READ it through. 2.OBSERVE correctly, COPY correctly and REPEAT correctly. 3.Use Paragraphs, LINKING WORDS and General Knowledge. “Professor Michael” says: Admire, appreciate and improve yourself. Become independent. K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Sweetheart or Short. Have the right attitude. The long-term benefits are an investment! Plan one year ahead. Give yourself the advantage that lasts forever! INVEST! Repeat the right practice and have determination. Why lead a limited life? REACH OUT! Relationships, love, business and travel are extended by better communication. Teach yourself: do the EASY EXERCISES. THE ANSWERS ARE AT THE BACK. STEP BY STEP: become more comfortable with English. I am busier than ever preparing students for their IELTS. They focus and improve quickly because they realise what to do. Go ahead: Practise. You do it too! Reach out, focus and move!

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Michael Mitchell

Why lead a life full of limitations? Forever, the message is "communicate better." Those who can communicate have the advantage. English is one of the most widely spoken languages and this book encourages the good learner to get further ahead! Teach yourself: do the easy exercises. Often! English is the FOUNDATION and the basis of successful international enterprise. This book provides examples of the ways various facts are linked together in sentences, paragraphs and extended writing. Copy this style. The superior student writes extended essays. They back up their research and ideas by using correct grammar and vocabulary. The 120 topics are introductions to extended writing. In order to get ahead, begin a new chapter in your life. Relationships, love, business and travel are all based on the foundation of better understanding and communication. Why lead a limited life?


Michael Mitchell

How to Learn English Quickly: Choose to:

  1. Have fun learning, but with serious intentions.

  2. Persevere purposefully and with persistence.

  3. Adopt an optimistic attitude: give and receive.

  4. Have a desire to listen and to communicate.

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Ruth Barrett

Teaching is a vocation, not a job. And yet teachers can suffer unbelievable torture. In this book the author gives a vivid account of her years of teaching in England -- years of unmitigating persecution and slander!


T. S. M. MacLean

The Story of Electricity was written to tell people how our present knowledge of it grew up. Prospective readers may fall into three categories. First those with an Arts background and no knowledge of Science. Secondly those with a background of Science outside Physics. And thirdly those with a background of Physics, but have no knowledge of the history of electricity. To accommodate all three of these categories the book has been written with no mathematics. The order of presentation is chronological. Thus in B.C. times the effects of magnetism were of commercial importance for sea voyaging. But today the ubiquity of radio has emphasised the greater importance of electricity. Since historically advances have been made largely by individuals, their family and religious backgrounds have been recorded as important factors in their contributions. Following World War II this situation has been reversed, because of the funding requirements of global markets. But future progress may again revert to individuals.



Charles Muller

The moral purpose of Charles Kingsley's novels is pronounced because he was a preacher, and more specifically, a teacher. He was above all a preacher of stirring didactic sermons. It is the didactic content of his writings-in his sermons, his novels, and his essays on natural theology-which is the study of this work. One too often forgets that Kingsley was not, in the first instance, a social and political reformer. As a preacher, and as a writer, he was pre-eminently a teacher-a theologian, yes, but more importantly, a Christian didactician. He was not an evangelical preacher, yet the Christian gospel was at the heart of his teachings and his moral exhortations. This work attempts to look at the Christian message that was the inspiration behind his socio-religious gospel. Writing at the time of Charles Darwin, Kingsley saw no reason to lose his sound Christian faith with the emergence of Darwin's theory of evolution. Instead, he could accept it as a means to a divine end, another example of how Providence might bring about the Kingdom of God on earth.


Christopher Sarton

Anyone ever engaged in teaching, whether as student or teacher, will find this novel fascinating. Also, the erudite input of knowledge and argument, from black holes to reincarnation, will keep the reader turning the pages of this fascinating account by a British first-year teacher in the ’sixties, who tells of how he overcame the underhand resistance of ‘redneck’ teachers and wins the favour of faculty and students at an independent secondary school in rural America.



Michael Mitchell

Although everything changes, enduring words of wisdom persist. Our role is to build bridges; these lead to enrichment of a long life. Yin-Yang is universal and eternal…. for everyone. The theme is union, balance and harmony. Book 9 in this Series provides a wider range of vocabulary, including lists of synonyms and antonyms. There are new words and clichés because we use these every day. Compare and contrast; use reason, cause and effect. Yin-Yang involves taking the rough with the smooth. We are stronger. Past, present and future tenses let us express change: believe and make it happen. Show intent. For IELTS, students highlight contrasts; your good choices are going to make things better.